Deep Low Temp Car Freezer

This deep low temp car freezer is operated by a high quality compressor. An AC adapter is included with the unit for alternate use in a 220V electrical wall outlet. It is equipped with a specially installed chrome lock to protect contents and sturdy side handles for easy carrying. 

This deep low temp car freezer can be set at temperature with the capability to reach -86º C. A digital thermostat with an external thermometer display allows easy temperature control without requiring users to open the lid. Inside, it can hold up to 25 liters.

With a conveniently versatile design and reliable storage conditions, this deep low temp Car Freezer is ideal for applications that require easy transportation of cold items, such as collecting samples or administering vaccines at an off-site location. Larger sizes are also available.

♦️Portable refrigerator/freezer
♦️220V DC AC working
♦️Plug into the lighter socket of any vehicle or 24V battery
♦️AC Adapter included
♦️We provide an AC adapter for users to plug unit into 110V wall outlet
♦️Hammered aluminum interior
♦️Durable interior for long-term use
♦️Digital thermostat
♦️Easy temperature control with electronic buttons and an external thermometer readout
♦️Side handles
Sturdy handles are easy to grab for comfortable lifting and carrying
♦️Chrome lock
A keyed lock on the lid helps to protect contents
♦️Travel trolley
Wheeled trolley included for easy transport
♦️100% CFC free

Environmentally friendly design does not contain ozone-damaging chemicals

Our advantages
The portable low temp car freezer with certifications: ISO9001:2000, CE, CCC, ETL, CB. We worked for many clients such as Midea, TCL, and some other Chinese famous brands.
♦️Advanced patented technology and extensive production experience.
♦️Company ensures the highest degree of customization, so that each product stands out, wherever it is installed, in terms of style, modernity, and functionality, while adapting to the style and needs of customers.
♦️A professional technical development team to provide continuous technical updates.
♦️Competitive prices, advanced technology, and a strong after-sales system.
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