Laboratory Refrigerator

Laboratory refrigerator, also known as ultra-low freezers (ULT), are designed first and foremost to protect samples. Laboratory refrigerator are also designed to maximize storage capacity by offering a range of upright and chest models to accommodate a variety of laboratory footprint requirements. Additional features include energy-savings models that meet today's sustainability demands. Protect your samples with the right, energy-efficient ultra-low temperature freezers; choose from our TSX, Standard Performance (STP) or Performance platforms.

Laboratory refrigerator has two structures: upright laboratory refrigerator and chest laboratory refrigerator. Upright laboratory refrigerator has multiple layers inside, placing shelves, the height of the shelves can be freely adjusted according to the needs, each layer is designed with an independent switch of the inner door to effectively prevent the leakage of cold air, the outer door for the side door. The chest laboratory refrigerator is equipped with a net basket, can be classified to place items, the top open the door. 

A laboratory refrigerator is composed of box, refrigerator system and control display system; the box is made of formed steel plate and polyurethane material foam, forming a good insulation box. Refrigeration system is composed of compressor, evaporator, condenser, refrigerant, capillary tube and filter drier. The control system is composed of microcomputer controller, temperature sensing probe, touch screen, relay and other circuit components.

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