Laboratory Tube Freezer

Established since 2006, our company is a factory specializing in the production of various low-temperature medical refrigerators, contains 8℃~20℃,2℃~8℃,4±1℃,-25℃~-165℃,which suit for medical-grade, temperature-controlled storage and processing solutions and services for pharmacy, blood bank, laboratory, and research.

A laboratory tube freezer is a sub-category of deep low laboratory refrigerator. The product structure is specially designed for the placement of test tubes, widely used in the field of biomedical, scientific instruments such as hospitals, colleges and universities, industrial, mining and chemical enterprises, scientific research laboratories, specializing in the storage of test tube reagents, cells, viruses, germs, specimens, biological products of ultra-low temperature preservation box. According to the refrigeration temperature is divided into -86 "C, -106 * C, -126C, -145C and other specifications.

Product Features
●Temperature control: Micro-computer digital control by every 0.1℃ unit. 
●Safety system: Perfect alarm system, high and low temperature alarm, sensor failure alarm, etc. With multiple protection functions. Password protection, frequent start protection and sensor failure when the refrigeration system to keep running.
●Refrigeration system:
 1, Ultra-thick foam layer and double sealing of the door, what can protect the temperature inside.
 2, Self-replacing refrigeration system and famous compressor, make the refrigeration work the most.
3, The unique mixed CFC free refrigerant. 
4, Single-compressor system, make the low failure rate and low energy consumption. 
5, Germany EBM silent fan, stable performance and low noise.
●Humanized design: 
1, Built-in stainless-steel shelves, can be adjusted as needed. 
2, Food-grade 304 stainless steel.
3, Universal wheel feet design, make easy to move.
4, Lock design, to prevent random opening. 
5, Air pressure balanced design, while both test hole function, make easy to use. 
6, Optional installation of digital temperature recorder. 
7 Wide voltage band design, suitable for 187V-242VAC voltage.

Our advantages
Laboratory tube freezer with certifications: ISO9001:2000, CE, CCC, ETL, CB. We worked for many clients such as Midea, TCL, and some other Chinese famous brands.
♦️Advanced patented technology and extensive production experience.
♦️Company ensures the highest degree of customization, so that each product stands out, wherever it is installed, in terms of style, modernity, and functionality, while adapting to the style and needs of customers.
♦️A professional technical development team to provide continuous technical updates.
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