How to organize your refrigerator

- 2023-10-13-

Having a well-stocked and well-organized refrigerator feel so healing! To minimize the number of times to go out, everyone maybe purchase several days of food ingredients at once, and the refrigerator is inevitably full. To do a good job of refrigerator storage, not only looks pleasing to the eye, but also more convenient to take, which helps to improve the efficiency of cooking.

Here are some practical methods:

1、Store Items in Clear Packaging

Spare yourself the time and hassle of peeking into all of your storage vessels by investing in clear containers.Being able to see what’s in your storage containers makes searching through your fridge easier.

2、Put Food Nearing Expiration at the Front of Your Fridge

It’s easy for foods to get pushed to the back, where they ultimately become conscious of storing foods that need to be eaten up.This may take semi-regular rearranging, but by putting foods you need to eat first upfront, you will be relieved wasting less food. May you never find another carton of moldy food in the back of your fridge again.

3、Keep Items You Reach For Often Close

If you’re constantly grabbing for an item in your fridge, keep it in the door for easy access.

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4、Storage Bags Are Your Friend

You may be stocked with glass food containers, but don’t forget about another storage must-have:silicone bags.They are great for storing smaller portions of food, fitting in smaller areas of your fridge, and keeping oddly-shaped food that would be counterintuitived to store in plastic containers.

5、Use Drawer Dividers in the Deli Meat Drawer

Deli meat drawers need a little TLC when it comes to organization. Since they’re typically large and shallow, items can easily get piled on top of each other and pushed to the back, making for a messy drawer. Dennis suggests using drawer dividers and bins to categorize items and keep your meats, cheeses, and whatnot organized.

6、Label Your Leftovers With Masking Tape

For anything homemade, sticking a piece of masking tape with an expiration date on your container can help you keep track and avoid food waste.

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