Is It Possible to Cool a Room By Opening the Fridge?

- 2023-10-19-

Can you open the refrigerator to cool a room? When it's hot outside, it could be tempting to open the refrigerator door to cool off, but will it actually work? The response is based on a number of refrigerator-related variables.

Although you may fan yourself to stay cool with the door, you cannot truly reduce the room's temperature. This is due to the fact that refrigeration is a rather inefficient process. The room gains more heat through the exhaust vent than is removed from the refrigerator's inside. However, you can only use the refrigerator to cool a room if it is turned off and you are using the box's already-chilled contents, which act as a huge ice cube. If the refrigerator's heat vents are in a different room, you might also utilize it to chill the space.

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