Early Refrigerators Better Designer

- 2023-10-25-

John Stanard was a Black man,he was born June 15, 1868,and he was a patent-holding inventor who made improvements to the refrigerator and the oil burner.  Stanard revolutionized modern kitchen and received two patents during his lifetime.

Although Stanard is frequently credited with developing the first refrigerator, the patent for his creation (U.S. Patent No. 455,891) that was granted on June 14, 1891, was a utility patent, which can only be granted for a "improvement" on an already-issued patent.Stanard stated in his refrigerator patent that "this invention relates to improvements in refrigerators, and it consists of certain novel arrangements and combinations of parts."A non-electric and unpowered design, Stanard's refrigerator was constructed in 1891 and employed a manually-filled ice chamber for chilling; it was issued a patent on June 14, 1891. Stanard claimed to have discovered a means to improve the design of refrigerators.

Stanard did not invent the refrigerator itself, vapor-compression, or the liquifying of gases (which was an important step toward the development of modern refrigerators), as others had taken those important steps decades before Stanard received his patent.

Through "cold-air ducts and perforations...(ensuring that) a constant circulation of air is maintained through the several chambers, and the water for drinking purposes in the receptacle d is always kept cool," Stanard wrote in his patent application, the cold air and cold "drip" were transferred from the ice chamber to the refrigerator. Others later praised Stanard's creation for its novelty and usefulness. The distribution of cold, clean water from a tap on the front of the appliance was one of Mr. Stanard's refrigerator's innovative features, according to 3D Warehouse, a website run by Trimble Inc., a hardware, software, and services technology business with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

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