Good gadgets for inside the fridge--Ice Cube Trays

- 2023-10-26-

John Gorrie, an American physician, used a refrigerator in the field of medical treatment in 1844, to produce ice for his yellow fever patients' comfort. known that Doctor Gorrie's patients were also receiving frozen drinks, some historians speculate that he may have also created the first ice cube tray.

Electric refrigerators with a freezer portion that contained an ice cube container and trays started to appear often in the 1920s and 1930s.Guy Tinkham, vice-president of General Utilities Manufacturing Company, created the first flexible stainless steel, all-metal ice tray in 1933. To release the ice crystals, the tray bent to the side. The McCord ice tray, Tinkham's creation, cost $0.50 in 1933.Flexing the tray caused the ice to break into cubes at the division points, which were then pushed up and out of the tray. The 5-degree draft on both sides of the tray causes pressure that is forcing the ice out.

Later, different versions of the McCord with an easily removable cube separator and release handles were also available. Ice cube containers made of molded plastic ultimately took their place.These days, freezers provide a number of ice-making options besides trays. Additionally to icemakers and dispensers integrated into refrigerator doors, there are internal automatic icemakers.

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