The difference between medical refrigerator and common house refrigerator

- 2021-09-03-

1. Temperature difference(medical refrigerator and common household refrigerator)
The temperature of ordinary refrigerator is minus 18 degrees, which is the guaranteed temperature in the national standard of household refrigerator.
Common low-temperature refrigerators are generally divided into - 40 degrees, - 90 degrees, - 110 degrees, - 130 degrees and - 160 degrees. The low-temperature refrigerators produced by various manufacturers will also be different in temperature division.

2. Different uses(medical refrigerator and common household refrigerator)

Ordinary refrigerators are mainly for household use and are used to refrigerate and preserve food.
Low temperature refrigerator is mainly used for scientific research, preservation of medical supplies, low temperature experiment and storage of biological products, ocean products, electronic components, chemical materials and other special materials.

3. Different refrigeration principles(medical refrigerator and common household refrigerator)

There are two types of ordinary refrigerators: gas absorption type and semiconductor type.
The refrigeration system of low-temperature refrigerator adopts the working principle of a new generation of single compressor self cascade refrigeration technology. Generally, two compressors are used as high and low-temperature compressors.