Ultra-Low Cryogenic Freezer maintenance

- 2021-09-15-

The maintenance of Ultra-Low Cryogenic Freezer is particularly important for prolonging its service life and normal use. If the temperature control is inaccurate, the stored objects are often damaged, which has a great impact on the experimental results, thus affecting the normal progress of research work.Clean Ultra-Low Cryogenic Freezer once a month to ensure its cleanliness.

Use a dry cloth to remove a small amount of dust on the inside and outside of the Ultra-Low Cryogenic Freezer and accessories. If the Ultra-Low Cryogenic Freezer is too dirty, use neutral detergent and rinse thoroughly with purified water after cleaning. However, do not flush water inside and above the refrigerator, otherwise the insulating material will be damaged and cause failure. The compressor and other mechanical parts do not need lubricating oil. Be careful when cleaning the fan at the rear of the compressor. After cleaning, carry out safety inspection to ensure that the refrigerator plug is plugged in and not connected falsely; Ensure that the plug has no abnormal heat; Make sure that the power and distribution wires on the back of the refrigerator are not broken or nicked