New Deep Low Laboratory Refrigerator

- 2021-10-21-

We have developed this new -86 degree deep low temperature refrigerator after modification discussion and testing. Compared with the old ULT refrigerator, we have made a lot of improvements in the appearance. Including the material of the exterior, LED display screen and the handle of the door. The interior material is still made of thickened foam layer and food grade stainless steel. During the discussion, some engineers suggested that as a large capacity cryogenic temperature refrigerator for medical or laboratory using, function is the first priority. They think there is no need to make improvements to the appearance. However, I think it is also pleasant to make the product more beautiful without changing the function. Most importantly, what's not to like about giving customers one more choice on the basis of the same price?  Welcome to buy Deep Low Laboratory Refrigerator from Zhejiang Heli Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.