In the face of China's power cuts, we are striving to deliver on time because we know the importance and timing of vaccine refrigerators.

- 2021-10-15-

With the tidal wave of power restrictions, we appreciate those customers who have allowed us to delay delivery. We also understand and support customers who ask us to deliver on time. Because we understand the importance of vaccine refrigerators.

We received a notice from the government to "limit electricity “in order to reduce emissions for the purpose of carbon neutrality.

Under this policy, we will face two problems: firstly, the price of raw materials will increase, and secondly, the delivery date of existing orders will be delayed.

After receiving the notice, we first communicated with our customers who are doing medical refrigerators. Fortunately, most of our customers were understanding and supportive. Only one customer who purchased vaccine refrigerators did not accept our delayed delivery. Because this customer signed a government agreement in the destination country, the time cannot be changed. We also understand very well that in this special period. The importance of vaccine refrigerators. Therefore, we worked overtime and tried every possible way to deliver to the customer on time.