The interesting ID card of each ultra-low cryogenic freezer

- 2021-10-20-

This is our "Production Quality Process Card". It is divided into four main sections: production process, electrical test records, finished product inspection and rework repair records. In the production of ultra-low cryogenic freezers, we need to record the time of each step, and then record the time of inspection and re-inspection, and signed by the person in charge. Then take the electrical inspection test. Contains grounding resistance, electrical strength, low voltage starts and other items. We also need to test the temperature of different distribution points inside the box several times and make the data analysis chart. The professional inspector will carry out the final inspection of the ultra-low cryogenic freezer then clean up it at last after confirming that there is no errors.

The paper can be seen everywhere in our workshop. We jokingly say that it is the ID card of each ultra-low cryogenic freezer. After delivery they will be filed and kept in a unified manner. Due to the frequent using, the paper looks not good at last. But how older they looked, then how better quality can be guaranteed. This is not only the ID card of each ultra-low cryogenic freezer, but also the guarantee of product quality. It is our strict attitude too. That's an important reason why we can win the government bidding projects, as well as become a labeling agent for famous brands.