The Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer has a good performance in RACC2021 Exhibition

- 2021-10-26-

The 2021 China International Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Cold Chain Industry Exhibition (RACC2021) was held in Hangzhou as scheduled. The exhibition mainly includes three parts: air-conditioning and ventilation, refrigeration and cold storage equipment, as well as accessories and raw materials. It is the most influential professional exhibition in the industry in China. Our company was invited to participate in this exhibition.
The product series exhibited are the series of biomedical and scientific research laboratories. This series includes vaccine refrigerators, pharmacy refrigerators, blood banks, and our flagship product: ultra-low temperature freezers. The ultra-low temperature freezer produced by our company is recognized by customers all over the world because of its high quality and stable performance. In particular, the newly developed -86℃ smart large-screen ultra-low temperature freezer has become a first-class product leading the industry standard.
In this exhibition, our company has achieved remarkable results. In addition to the orders signed on-site, it has also won the favor of a well-known domestic brand and was invited to become its partner to jointly develop new products.