Hydrocarbon Refrigerant(Now widely used in medical refrigerators and commercial refrigerators)——the Environmentally Friendly Rising Star for Ecosystem Restoration!

- 2021-11-05-

On World Environment Day 2021, Pakistan, the host country of this year’s official celebration, calls on all people around the world to take urgent action to restore our damaged ecosystems. We have been over-exploiting and destroying the earth's ecosystem for a long time. Global greenhouse gas emissions have been increasing for thirty consecutive years, and the probability that the earth is facing potentially catastrophic climate change keeps increasing.
The deterioration of the ozone layer and global warming are major environmental problems we are all facing today, and these problems pose a great threat to biodiversity. Because the CFCs and HCFCs currently widely used in the refrigeration industry have contributed to the deterioration effect on the ozone layer which has produced the greenhouse effect, the global refrigeration industry is facing severe challenges, and the replacement of CFCs and HCFCs is a foregone conclusion.

According to the relevant provisions of the “Montreal Protocols”, the use of traditional refrigerant R22 will be fully restricted worldwide by 2030 and finding alternative refrigerants has always been the focus of attention in the refrigeration industry(Contains medical refrigerators and commercial refrigerators). New refrigerant such as hydrocarbon with superior performance, excellent energy-saving effect and eco-friendly features is most likely to become the leading replacement in the refrigerant industry.

What is Hydrocarbon Refrigerant?
Commonly used refrigerants are classified according to different chemical components: 

Hydrocarbon refrigerant (HC) refers to a refrigerant type consisting of only two atoms of H (hydrogen) and C (carbon), which belongs to alkanes and is a natural working substance, producing no pollution into the atmosphere, no damage to the ozone layer with zero greenhouse effect.

Advantages of Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

1.Complete Environmental Protection.
The hydrocarbon refrigerant does not damage the ozone layer at all, and the greenhouse effect is almost zero, while the environmental protection effect is far superior to HFC refrigerants, and the refrigeration efficiency is increased by more than 30% compared with HFC refrigerants. At present, most other brands on the market use HFC refrigerants as long-term transition refrigerants. Although they have no destructive effect on the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect is relatively large.

2. High Efficiency and Energy Savings
The usage level of HC refrigerant is only 30-55% of mainstream HFC and CFC refrigerants. Less usage levels, low freezing point and greater latent heat of evaporation make the cooling rate faster per unit time; small isentropic compression ratio work, ensuring the compressor work load is lower, extending the life of the compressor; small molecular weight and good fluidity make the delivery pressure lower, which reduces the compressor load and extends the service life of the compressor; it reduces power consumption and saves the operating cost of the system, the comprehensive energy saving rate can reach 35%.

3. Superior Refrigeration Effect
Hydrocarbon refrigerant shortens the refrigeration time of the compressor. The refrigeration effect is much better than HFC and HCFC refrigerants. Its refrigeration capacity per unit volume and unit mass are extremely large. The heat exchange performance of the condenser and evaporator is high, which shortens the refrigeration time.

4. High Oil Mixing Rate
The oil mixing rate of hydrocarbon refrigerant is extremely high, and it’s compatible with all commonly used refrigeration lubricants, non-toxic, and non-corrosive to metals and oil-resistant rubber.

5. Strong Adaptability
Unique adaptability to extremely hot climates, the fluidity is great, more suitable for long-pipe refrigeration systems (Most refrigerants consist of gaseous fluorocarbons, hydrofluorocarbons, or hydrogen fluorocarbon mixtures, which have proven to be unsuitable for use in extremely hot or tropical areas).

6. Complete Compliance
Hydrocarbon refrigerant has passed the standard certification of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), and is a fluorine-free, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly product.

Heli medical refrigerator took the lead in the industry to invest heavily in the field of environmentally friendly refrigerants and put HC refrigerants into practice. With complete team focus and dedication, Haier Biomedical broke through the industry's 150G barrier first. Compared with traditional HFC refrigerant, HC refrigerant can save energy by more than 30% and achieve zero ozone layer damage with zero greenhouse effect. With the assistance and advantage of matured technology, Haier Biomedical has made remarkable achievements in promoting the practical application of HC refrigerants.

Nowadays, environmental protection has become one of the most concerned topics of people and has been strongly advocated by the international community. Haier Biomedical continuously introduces the concept of environmental protection, advocates environmental protection awareness, and proactively assumes the sense of social responsibility as an environmental protection enterprise. Through the research and development of more sustainable products and solutions, Haier Biomedical will help build a better future with practical and reliable actions.