Precautions for the Use of Upright Deep Low Laboratory Refrigerator

- 2021-11-11-

Precautions for the use of Upright Deep Low Laboratory Refrigerator
1. The medical Upright Deep Low Laboratory Refrigerator is mainly used to store medicines and related substances, so it is inevitable that there will be some peculiar smells, so it is necessary to clean up in time, otherwise it may be prone to problems, the cleaning agent selected when cleaning;
2. The surface of the medical Upright Deep Low Laboratory Refrigerator is relatively hard, but in order to ensure the service life of the ice storage box, it is better not to let the refrigerator touch hard objects at ordinary times, and pay attention to stay away from open flames. The medical ultra-low temperature refrigerator has stricter temperature requirements than ordinary refrigerators. ;
3. When using medical ultra-low temperature refrigerators, be careful with your hands and feet, and pay attention to the temperature range when connecting to the power supply, and don't be rough, so as not to affect the use of the refrigerator;
4. When using the medical ultra-low temperature refrigerator, pay attention to recording the temperature on the display at regular intervals to ensure that the temperature in the ice storage box is within a constant range. If the temperature data is inaccurate, you need to ask someone to check and repair it;
5. Regularly check the condition of medical Upright Deep Low Laboratory Refrigerator. The inspection items include external damage and internal box wall conditions. Every small problem may affect the refrigerator's refrigeration and heat preservation performance;
6. Frequently check the power line problems to avoid problems with the refrigerator;
7. Avoid sun exposure and humidity, so it is better to put it in a normal indoor environment, so as to ensure the effect of the refrigerator.
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