Common Faults and Solutions of Deep Low Temp Laboratory Refrigerator

- 2021-11-11-

Common faults and solutions of Deep Low Temp Laboratory Refrigerator
Although the refrigeration system and control circuit of the low-temperature refrigerator are relatively complicated, the common faults are mainly the failure of the circulation system and the circuit part.
1. After the power is turned on, the air switch of the main power supply is automatically turned off. Solution: Check whether the compressor of the primary refrigeration system is damaged. If it is damaged, it will cause a short circuit and cause power protection. The parts can be replaced. If there are no original parts, the refrigerator compressor of equivalent power can be replaced by calculation, and the pipeline is welded. After the air tightness of the pipeline is checked by pressure, vacuum and add R-12 Freon 23.00z, and then start the test. Is it normal? This failure is generally caused by unstable power supply. Because the first stage starts first, the damage is usually at the first stage. In this case, generally as long as the delay voltage stabilized power supply is installed, the failure will not occur again.
2. The temperature in the box has stopped working before it reaches the set temperature. Solution: Although the temperature in the box has not reached the set temperature, the temperature displayed on the panel has reached the set temperature. This is because the thermistor that measures the temperature is damaged and parts need to be replaced. If there are no original accessories, you can reinstall a set of temperature control system to eliminate the fault.
3. The refrigeration effect of the low-temperature refrigerator is reduced, and people feel electric shock when touching the metal part of the cabinet. Elimination method: Use a multimeter to measure the leakage of the refrigerator, and use the segmented method to check. When energizing the high-temperature compressor alone, check whether the entire cabinet is charged due to the leakage of the compressor. Check the compressor terminal statically. Pay attention to the lead plug part of the motor winding. If there is a trace of ignition with the casing, it indicates that the place is leaking. Adopt the method of replacing the terminal part together with the surrounding part of the shell. After installing the body, turn on the power to make it run. Check for leakage. After the compressor is normal, install it on the base of the low-temperature refrigerator, connect the pipes, and check. Leaking, evacuating, and charging appropriate amount of refrigerant to restore the normal operation of the low-temperature refrigerator.
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