How to Use Big Deep Low Laboratory Refrigerator

- 2021-11-11-

How to use medical Big Deep Low Laboratory Refrigerator
1. The Big Deep Low Laboratory Refrigerator must be placed for at least 24 hours before it can be energized.
2. No items in the empty box, turn on the power, and gradually reduce the medical low temperature to -40°C, then lower to -60°C after normal start-up and stop, and then adjust it to -80°C after 8 hours of normal start-up and stop, observe the refrigerator There is a normal start and stop for more than 24 hours. Prove that the medical low temperature performance is normal.
3. After confirming that the Big Deep Low Laboratory Refrigerator is normal, you can store items in the refrigerator. In principle, items at -60°C should be stored, and no more than 1/3 of the cabinet's capacity. If the temperature of the stored items is at -60°C, the temperature of the freezer should be set at about 3°C higher than the temperature of the stored items (that is, if the temperature of the items is -20°C, set the temperature of the low-temperature cabinet at -23°C) to ensure The freezer is shut down and has been normally started and stopped for more than 8 hours.
4. Prohibition: All Big Deep Low Laboratory Refrigerator are low-temperature storage equipment and are used to store low-temperature items. They cannot be used to quickly freeze high-temperature plasma products. It is strictly forbidden to put too many relatively hot items at one time, which will cause the compressor to lengthen. The time does not stop the machine, the temperature does not drop and the compressor is easily burned, resulting in damage to the items in the machine box. The items should be put in batches, and the temperature should be lowered in steps until the required low temperature.
5. The filter should be defrosted and cleaned regularly during use of the Big Deep Low Laboratory Refrigerator. It is recommended that the frequency be once a month. A blue defrosting shovel is attached to the refrigerator. When defrosting, focus on cleaning the inner door handle and the surface; the iron fence at the lower left corner of the refrigerator is a filter, which can be taken out after removing the iron fence. Rinse with water or use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dirt on the surface. Big Deep Low Laboratory Refrigerator