The management of the medical refrigerator

- 2022-02-22-

1. (medical refrigerator)Pay attention to the management of refrigerators and assign special personnel to be responsible for regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance; The head nurse conducts spot checks regularly or irregularly to ensure that the refrigerator is in good working condition.

2.(medical refrigerator) The items in the refrigerator shall be classified and stored according to the type and nature of the items (such as injection, internal medicine, external medicine, etc.), and shall be clearly marked. If there are scientific research supplies, they should be placed in clean containers in the refrigerator and clearly marked. Personal items are strictly prohibited in the refrigerator.

3. (medical refrigerator)Formulate relevant management systems and specifications for medical refrigerators, and clarify the purpose and requirements of refrigerator management. Strengthen hand hygiene education, improve the qualified rate of hand washing of medical staff, and regularly clean and disinfect the refrigerator to ensure the drug safety of patients.