Precautions for using a car refrigerator

- 2022-04-14-

1. The car refrigerator needs to be placed horizontally to avoid compressor shutdown due to the angle problem of car refrigerator;
2. No magnetic objects can be placed in the car refrigerator, otherwise it will affect the internal refrigeration chip;
3. A multi-function socket can be equipped in the car to ensure the simultaneous use of electronic devices such as the car refrigerator, car lights, and hands-free equipment;

4. When using a car refrigerator,you should ensure that the air vents and heat dissipation holes of the car refrigerator are unobstructed. The air inlet of the refrigerator should avoid water, and should be kept away from the heat source. When switching from the heating function to the cooling function, it is recommended to turn off the power supply and start up 5 mins later;

5. A car refrigerator consumes a lot of power. When turning off the engine, remember to cut off the power of the refrigerator to avoid running out of battery power.

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